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Entire Advanced Series with Bonus DVD

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"Many of the designs I teach in the Advanced Series are my own personal works and quirks that I never thought I would ever share, except for private students. Several of these designs are national or international award winners. I truly hope you enjoy expanding your skills, and opening your imagination even more, as a fellow Wire Artist. " - Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

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These Advanced lessons are the perfect finish to the Traditional Wire Jewelry Design DVD series. Utilizing all of the techniques and skills taught throughout the Beginners and Intermediate Series, a student does not have to work through these Advanced projects in order! As a Wire Artist, one can now view any of the advanced project lessons and inherently know what to do. True to her style of teaching, Dale adds more detail and sometimes "rocket science" formulas to each advanced lesson, combining techniques you have already learned to take your designs to the ultimate! Each DVD includes written follow-up directions; some also have extra-detailed diagrams that offer even more assistance as you learn. Teaching just like she does in her studio, Dale offers more of her Cougarisms throughout her classes, and shares new design ideas as they occur to her while teaching on camera. Continue working with larger wire gauges, plan more of your own designs, learn additional ways to set faceted stones, and Dale even gives up one of her exclusive ring designs! These nine new projects (including Bonus projects) will take your skills to places you have only imagined!

DVD 1 - Prong Frame Pendant & Elegant Collar

Advanced Series - Part 1 Advanced Series - Part 1

Finally! All of the formulas and directions needed to be able to customize a pronged frame for cut stones as well as for cabochons! What better way to sell and wear your work, than on your work? Learn how to easily create an elegant collar using heavy wire and a neck mandrel, shaping as you go.

DVD 2 - Double Geometric Pendant

Advanced Series - Part 2

Learn to formulate, plan and design a pendant using both a cabochon and a cut stone. Also, discover more ideas and directions on how to utilize the remaining top/bail wires into unusual, 3-dimensional geometric designs.

DVD 3 - Orbit Prong Pendant

Advanced Series - Part 3

Watch, learn and create perfect prongs that will hold a cut stone into an elegant pendant design, surrounded by an orbit of wire. Advice for using large as well as small stones is also included.

DVD 4 - Hard Candy Necklace & Stone Legacy Ring

Advanced Series - Part 4 Advanced Series - Part 4

Weave wire and beads, using four colors in a pattern of three! Insert chain without jump rings, and plan a necklace length to fit anyone. Never before seen or taught, reconstruct an ages old ring design, combining a cabochon with 3, 4 or 5 more stones! (A 'Cougar' exclusive.)

DVD 5 - Rainforest Chandelier Earrings

Advanced Series - Part 5

Learn to create Dale's award winning earring design. Combine techniques taught in the Beginners and Intermediate DVD series and take them to the next level. (Correcting as you go!)

DVD 6 - Bonus DVD - Elemental Free-Form Necklace
& Bird of Paradise Upper Arm Cuff

Advanced Series - Bonus DVD Advanced Series - Bonus DVD

Plan and create a freeform, forged necklace, embellished with crystals and beads. (The same one Dale wears in her head shot!) Continue working with large gauge wire to form and make an upper arm cuff that moves with the wearer.

Total run time for all discs is 11:14:54.

These DVDs do not have subtitles at this time, but do come with complete follow-up instructions.

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