Beginning Enameling with Steven James

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Jewelry hammers are used not only to shape jewelry but also to stretch and bend metal in order to make it stronger. Many styles to suit your every jewelry-making need: chasing hammers, Ballpein hammer, dual head jewelry hammers, and many more. Whatever style jewelry hammer you need, one of these 17 will be perfect for your next jewelry project. You have many materials to choose from: rawhide jewelry hammers, rubber jewelry hammers, stainless steel jewelry hammers, rosewood jewelry hammers, and five different sizes of brass jewelry hammers.

Rawhide jewelry hammers are perfect for working with metal and never leave any scratches or marks. Hammer away with your rawhide jewelry hammer, strengthening your pieces with no fear of damaging your precious jewelry creation. Chasing jewelry hammers come with a large head for flattening and a round “peen” side for riveting and designing jewelry metal.

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