Beginning Enameling with Steven James
The Lorton 3A Single Barrel Tumbler has a barrel with an impressive 3 pound capacity and a durable motor that is built to last for years. This barrel is encased with hard rubber to minimize noise. The 33B Double Barrel model has a capacity of 6 pounds giving you twice the tumbling power. Polish in one barrel and grind in another. Our Lortone tumblers do a professional job of hardening wire and polishing gold and silver. Great for the beginner or advanced rock tumbler.

Lortone has many products to choose from. Once you've added a tumbler to your cart, check out our Stainless Steel Shot for extra polish and shine. You'll most likely need a nice set of tools for your project, too. Don't hesitate to check out our wide variety of tools. That beautiful new tumbler needs some shiny wire to tumble and harden, so be sure and visit our jewelry making wire to stock up on various lengths, gauges and metals.