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More about Wildhorse Jasper

Jasper is associated with the birth month of January. You'll want to choose Wildhorse Jasper beads if you're making jewelry for a friend or family member who's definitely a kick!

Wildhorse Jasper beads bring to the mix a Southwestern flair, featuring patterns that almost look like landscapes. This variety of Picture Jasper is found in the Owyhee Mountains near the Idaho-Oregon border. Wildhorse Jasper offers an earthy range of colors including olive, tan, rich browns, bronze, antique copper, and more. Pair Wildhorse Jasper beads with metal beads for a distinctive look in your long-string necklaces. Or think of adding these beads to earrings or, even better, a hat band on a cowboy hat!

Acclaimed jewelry maker Dale "Cougar" Armstrong takes an entertaining look at the makeup and origins of this picturesque stone in a post about Wildhorse and other types of Picture Jasper on our Wire-Sculpture jewelry making blog. Click here to read Gem Profile: Picture Jasper.

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