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More about Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite may make you hunger to begin new jewelry making projects. (We know . . . bad pun.) But its beautiful teal tones are certainly delicious!

The base of the Blue Apatite mineral is phosphorus — yes, the phosphorus used in laundry detergent and fertilizer. That means Blue Apatite beads are relatively soft. The name of this glossy bluish-green stone comes from the ancient Greek word of "apate," which means to deceive or mislead — that's because it bears a resemblance to many other mineral varieties. But, don't worry, Blue Apatite beads will be distinctive as the primary stone in your jewelry pieces — or as an accent.

Apatite is one of those gemstones whose particulars aren't well known. At least, it's not nearly as famous as, say, agate. We take a closer look at Apatite in a post on our Wire-Sculpture jewelry making blog. Click here to go to "Gem Profile: What is Apatite?"

Our Blue Apatite beads are authentic gemstones. And remember – if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions about jewelry supplies, we are here to help! Call Toll-Free 1-877-636-0608.