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How Do I Join?

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There are two easy ways to join!

Option 1: Save 25% right away, on your next order - instant Gold Club membership is only $99! Click here to buy your membership, and you'll have instant access to all the perks and discounts your Gold Club membership brings!

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Option 2: After you've accumulated $500 in purchases as a registered user, your account is automatically awarded Gold Club status; this is completely free and automatic. You can sign in to view your account, and see how close to Gold Club status you are! Thank you for being such a loyal wirejewelry.com customer!

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What Are the Benefits?


This is a huge benefit: you'll automatically save 25% on everything in the wirejewelry store! (Excludes classes on location) These savings are right around the corner for you--and once you have them, you have them forever.

Special Wholesale Offers On Bulk Supplies and Closeout GoodsSpecial Notice on Sales!

You are on an exclusive list that receives notice of special sales, sales that we don't announce to the public! You will be among the few that can take advantage of great deals on gems, wire, beads, videos or any other jewelry making supplies.

New Bonuses!Brand-New Bonuses!

That's right, we've added new bonuses - and keep watching this page and your inbox for updates! We love our loyal customers - this is how we want to reward you!

In addition to your 25% store-wide discount and exclusive sale emails, every year, you'll receive:

  • Monthy Gold Club Member Appreciation Day, on the 3rd day of every month:
    • 4x a year: Free shipping!
    • 4x a year: Exclusive Coupons
    • 2x a year: 20% Rebate Day
    • 2x a year: Free Gift Offers from our Partners
  • An opportunity to be the wirejewelry Featured Wire Artist of the Month - chosen only from Gold Club members!
  • 1 exclusive Email Wire Jewelry Pattern
  • Exclusive Contest - with GREAT prizes, critiqued by the wirejewelry Faculty
  • Annual wirejewelry Newsletter, with articles by wirejewelry staff and faculty, just for you!
  • AND- a priority Gold Club Customer Service toll-free phone number, so we can solve your problems in record time!


So How Do I Start Saving?

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Simple - Just Sign In

All you have to do is accumulate $500 in purchases as one registered user, or purchase your Instant Gold Club Membership. When you've achieved Gold Club status, your discounted Gold Club Member pricing will be shown at the product level! Thank you for being such a loyal wirejewelry.com customer!

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