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More about Golden Obsidian

Prehistoric folk knew the value of Obsidian, based on the many museums full of sharp arrowheads and axes we have today. They were drawn to this lustrous stone which, because of it high molecular structure, can produce a scapula-sharp edge. Our Golden Obsidian beads will be just as advantageous and versatile in your own jewelry making.

Golden Obsidian, like its cousin Snowflake Obsidian, was formed in the blast of a volcano. As the molten lava flowed downward, it cooled quickly, encasing miniscule bubbles that produce the lustrous surface sheen of Golden Obsidian.

One of the world's oldest lapidary materials — examples date back to 10,000 BC — Obsidian offer a rich posterity of uses and jewelry, neatly summarized by acclaimed jewelry maker Dale "Cougar" Armstrong in a post on our Wire-Sculpture jewelry making blog. Click here to go to "Gem Profile: Obsidian."

Golden Obsidian beads will maximize the artistic potential in your jewelry making. For instance, pair these beads with gold and silver to provide a stark contrast in complementary colors. Obsidian may also be set with other gems; black onyx, red rubies and white pearls are particularly effective companions to obsidian. Remember that obsidian is associated with honesty and spirituality. Your customers will be proud to wear this wonderful gem on days when they need inner strength and peace.

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