Beginning Enameling with Steven James

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Chances are you are very picky about the tools you use. Most wire jewelry-makers are. They take great care in selecting the wire jewelry-making tools for their handmade jewelry. And that shouldn’t stop with just the gauges , hammers and anvils . The same care should be taken in selecting the best wire jewelry-making glues and adhesives.

Whether you need jewelry glues and adhesives for crystal jewelry, silver jewelry, leather, glass or ceramic, the best wire jewelry-making glues and adhesives are right here at your finger tips. Do you need precise dispensers that ensure the right amount of glue is used each time? Jewelry tape that peels right of the wire jewelry with no cleaning? Wire jewelry adhesives that don’t dry-out and crack? Quick bonding, no clamping jewelry-making adhesives? Get the right wire jewelry-making glue and adhesive for your project today.

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