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More about Seraphinite

Lovely green Seraphinite gets its name from "seraphim," which is the highest order of angels according to medieval lore. Look closely at our Seraphinite beads and you'll understand why. Feathery, silvery plumes seem to lift each stone, transforming this muted green gemstone into a piece of heaven.

Seraphinite is a form of chlorite, taken from the ancient Greek word for green. The Seraphinite variety of chlorite is mined only in a far-flung part of Siberia in Russia. These all natural-stone beads reflect that heritage, and are sure to add a timeless quality to your next jewelry project.

Seraphinite beads are on the cool side of the color wheel, and they'll mesh perfectly with anything in silver, from silver beads to silver wire. For a more eclectic look, match Seraphinite beads with Amethyst beads or cabachons. Take note that Seraphinite is relatively soft, measuring only a 4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

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