Beginning Enameling with Steven James
Choosing the right size of your gemstone cabochon is just as important as its color and composition. If you’re a beginning wire jeweler, try starting off with larger cabochons. Large cabochons are easier to work with, and will help you become used to wrapping the gemstones. You can also try working with copper wire as you explore cabochon wrapping. As you develop your skills, advanced wire jewelry artists can make beautiful, delicate jewelry with our smaller gemstones.

Small cabochons are extremely versatile; use them as stand-alone pieces in earrings and rings, or use several to create an exquisite necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Check out our “Other Sizes” category to find a variety of shapes and sizes, including faceted cabochons, marquise cabochons, heart cabochons, and teardrop cabochons. You might find the inspiration for an entire project or series just from finding a unique cabochon!