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More about Blue Tiger Eye

A blue tiger? Well, when you see our newest variety of Tiger Eye, you might be more tempted to think of a hawk eye! Blue Tiger Eye shares the same name as its more honey-colored cousin. But the deep, midnight indigo of Blue Tiger Eye beads better reflect this stone's other well-known moniker, Hawk Eye.

This natural quartz stone (that's natural, not dyed!) is mined throughout the world. It's one of our harder semiprecious gemstones, measuring a 7 on the Mohs scale. Thus, it's a practical and versatile gemstone for wire wrapping or any type of jewelry creation. Then again, Blue Tiger rates well above "practical" — somewhere around "superb."

So, how does a plain quartz become a striking and mysterious Tiger Eye? Jewelry designer Dale Armstrong answers that tough question in a post on our Wire-Sculpture jewelry making blog. Click here to go to "Gem Profile: Tiger Eye."

Our new line of diverse and exotic beads will help you achieve your desired look. If you're looking to create a jewelry set, you can't go wrong with our wide selection of cabachons. Check out our selection for its variety and you'll be drawn to the high quality. Because our beads are supplied from a U.S. source, you can count on what you see being what you get.

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