Beginning Enameling with Steven James
The Olympus Wig Jig is transparent so you can easily view and follow patterns. Simply place the jig on top of a pattern and follow the design. This jig has 481 holes and 40 pegs in two sizes. It also comes complete with instructions and wire working tips. This is a great tool for creating your own chains, links, findings, earring and so much more.

The Wig Jig is the perfect addition to any wire working tool bench. You'll love the unique patterns and pieces you create with it. After adding a Wig Jig to your cart, pop on over to our wire department for gold, silver and bronze wire - you can even get a wide variety of colored craft wire! Make sure you have a good pair of cutters, as well. Want to make your latest design dazzle and sparkle? Then stock up on beads to give your piece that final touch.