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More about Birds Eye Rhyolite

One of the most striking items in our large, new bead selection is this beauty -- fascinating and flashy Birds Eye Rhyolite beads. These beads are distinguished by radiating spheres of buffed brown, lacy pinks, and a variety of yellows — evidently reminding some long-ago person of a shiny bird's eye. We think they're much more appealing than that!

Rhyolite was once thick lava flowing down a prehistoric volcano. It is very high in silica and is chemically identical to granite, though it has a smaller grain size that results in a more glassy sheen. Many beads contain natural fissures that are filled in with iron inclusions, making for very intriguing patterns.

In metaphysical circles, rhyolite is associated with change, variety, and progress. That's exactly what you'll be demonstrating to your customers when you use this versatile stone. Rhylite beads harmonize naturally with all types of wire — indeed, the different types of wire each bring out a contrasting aspect of this stone's shadows, bubbles and layers.

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