Jewelry Making Videos

Whether you're completely new to jewelry making, already a pro at wirework, or if you're a "crossover" artist from beading, metalworking, or crochet, wirejewelry has many free online jewelry tutorials and jewelry making videos here for you! Learn the tools, techniques, and basics every wire artist should know, and then put them to use by making wire jewelry right along with our wire jewelry instructors.

You'll find Free Project Videos and Video Tips below, all free to view as many times as you like! You can also find our numerous Jewelry Making DVDs from this page, ranging from beginner to advanced level wire wrapping as well as a whole series examining the business aspect of the jewelry trade. And coming soon, you'll find our Online Jewelry Classes: these in-depth classes go far beyond the free videos, but they're conveniently located on our site, so you don't have to pay for shipping!

wirejewelry is all about transforming you into the most successful professional wire jewelry artist you can be. Seize your dreams and take full advantage of all the video resources here in front of you: this is your place to learn, grow, and develop into a full-fledged jewelry designer!

Free Project Videos

These free full length project videos will walk you step-by-step through real jewelry projects. You'll learn new wire wrapped techniques and tips as you go through each of these unique videos.

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Jewelry Making DVDs

Get started making stunning jewelry with our wire jewelry DVD tutorials. You'll be crafting wire like a pro with these jewelry making videos from

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Video Tips

Having trouble straightening your jewelry wire? Maybe you want to learn some easier ways to twist your wire for your next project. Join us as we discuss different techniques and tips that are sure to give your jewelry business a boost!

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Online Streaming Video

Love our instructional videos? Now you can watch all your favorites right on your computer or on the mobile device of your choice. Simply purchase the streaming video, then log into your account and you can view it over and over at your convenience.

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