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Pair our beautiful cubic zirconia gemstones with a snapset, or make a wire frame for them to rest in by hand! These glittering gems will wow your customers and bring a whole lot of sparkle to your wire work!

Cubic zirconia gemstones are quite hard, ranking an 8 on Mohs scale, and are not only an economic alternative to diamonds: cz gemstones come in a wide range of vivid, stunning colors to mimic any gemstone you choose. Make a beautiful ring or pair of earrings for a friend based on her birthstone, or use several CZ gemstones in a family or friendship necklace. Let our cubic zirconia crystals inspire you to try a new jewelry design or even a jewelry series. Try a CZ cubic today!

All of our cubic zirconium are photographed in high resolution to provide you with the best, most vivid image possible. Hover over our product images to zoom in on the cz gemstones you’re interested in for a closer look!