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Eva Sherman

You can start Fold Forming your own cuffs today!
Read on to discover how.

"I'm very excited to share 3 different Fold Forming Techniques; including basic fold forming, chasing on air, and my own Sherman fold. If quick and easy have a place in your jewelry making repertoire, then this organic design methodology is right up your alley! This 3 DVD set showcases cuff designs, but these techniques are quite versatile and can be applied to any number of jewelry designs!"

Eva Sherman,
inventor of "The Sherman Fold"



Tuesday, March 15, 2017

From: Judy E.

Re: The "Fold Forming" revolution. How you can invest just 62 minutes, and create original, unique, EXPERT level artisan Copper or Sterling Silver Cuffs, more beautiful than anything you've seen before...

Dear Friend,

There are HARDLY any new metal working techniques, ever...

Did you know that in the last 100 years there has only been 1 truly new and original technique invented?

Have you ever wondered why after a while making jewelry and working with wire everything starts to look the same?

Are you stuck because you feel like you've tried and done everything before?

I Totally Understand

It's not your fault, you've probably seen about a million free blog posts on jewelry making patterns and ideas, and you're more confused than ever, bored with the same old same old, and you are hungry for something truly new.

Something truly unique, and something completely different than what everyone else is doing...

It's OK. This is what I do, something completely new and different is on the way, and you'll be stunned with the easy beauty you're about to create...

The ONLY NEW Technique
Discovered In The Last Century!

Because of this incredible new breakthrough Eva was featured on the Art Jewelry Magazine Cover, With Her "Textured copper cuffs"

Yes, it's true! There are infinite possibilities in jewelry making, yet almost everything you see in our DVDs and even in the big magazines, uses the same techniques as the foundation...

So it's a big deal when something new is invented and today you can be one of the very first to get your hands on this brand new technique.

This new technique, is called "Fold Forming"

Fold Forming takes advantage of the ductility and fluidity of metal when you anneal it, allowing you to then imprint the forms and work harden them into the metal...

It was first discovered by Charles Lewton-Brain, in the late 1980's making it the only new technique in the last century... and it represents the only innovation in metalworking in thousands of years.

Fold Forming, as you saw in the video above, is a little bit like a combination between origami and traditional metal work, only you add a blow torch to anneal the metal and then create spectacular folds.

There are literally hundreds of unique designs you can create using the techniques in this DVD series, you'll learn everything you need to know to start to fold metal into beautiful designs.

As more and more of you, my loyal customers and jewelry artists extraordinaire began to ask about fold forming, I realized we had to find a way to teach you this incredible new jewelry art form.

So I went straight to the top and found the very best in the business.

Eva was chosen to be featured on the cover of Art Jewelry magazine recently as the foremost authority on fold forming, second only to Charles Lewton-Brain, who rarely teaches classes.

Just take a look at a few of the places Eva's been published and the people she normally teaches

Some of Eva's upcoming teaching engagements:

Eva's classes always sell out, and usually sell for as much as $200 including supplies, and that's just to make 1 design.

Here are just a few of the places
you'll find Eva's Work Published:

Here's Just a LITTLE of what you'll discover...

DVD 1: Introduction To Fold Forming: Line Folds and Applied Textures


DVD 2: “Chasing On Air” - Use this to make the wildest designs you’ve never seen


DVD 3: "Eva’s Signature Technique” - The Sherman Fold" with 5 different finishes

Eva cover's every question, detail, and tip in these amazing DVD's, including:

  • 3 variations of the foundational Fold Forming Technique that made Eva famous
  • You’ll make 3 beautiful cuffs at the same time, using these 3 separate techniques, including “The Design Stamp” and the "Pie Crust"
  • The unique and easy formula for sizing your cuffs perfectly so they'll stay in place without hurting your wrists
  • How to clean your metal using an easy technique, and why using this technique between each process is REQUIRED if you want your cuffs to look polished and beautiful
  • Why you MUST batch your work in Eva's special "assembly line process" and how it helps you to make 3 times as much jewelry with the same work...
  • The most efficient way to get the most from your time and materials
  • Why Dead Soft Copper Is The Best Metal To use, when you are starting out
  • Most important: You'll master how to anneal metal to the perfect temperature for ease of folding (like the image below)

  • Discover Eva Sherman's unique design language with these beautiful organic designs
  • You'll make 3 new organic shapes as you follow step-by-step with Eva Sherman
  • Learn to shape and fold form with 30 gauge metal and how to rivet to stronger 20 gauge metal for structural stability
  • Cold connecting techniques for multi-gauge designs
  • "The Pickle-Pot" Secret to cleaning your metals so you create a beautiful finish
  • How to know when to make new pickle so your copper comes out beautifully pickled every time
  • The short simple list of the tools and supplies you MUST have to do this, and how to avoid over spending $100s on tools and supplies you don't need
  • The simple sizing formula to perfectly size cuffs so they are comfortable and beautiful to wear any time you like
  • How NOT to mix up your metals and make costly material mistakes
  • 300% faster finishes using my special sequencing secret
  • 3 Big Annealing Mistakes and the molecular mistake ALMOST everyone makes when they anneal metal

You'll Master Foundational
Techniques Like These

  • The unplanned fold technique
  • Interior folds
  • Exterior folds
  • Soft folds
  • Hard folds
  • Blowtorch basics; become a blow torch pro in under 2 minutes
  • All the MUST MASTER Finish techniques, including various patina finishes
  • How to time your flame patina perfectly so you can control the exact colors you want to give your metal
  • 1 Simple method that keeps your copper from tarnishing
  • How to make mistakes that make your finished product look even better
  • When and How to use silver instead of copper, and the secret to wearing copper on your skin
  • Dual metal techniques that combine silver AND copper
  • Mandrel shaping techniques to get the perfect form for your wrist every time
  • Cold Connecting; The BIG Secret To How You'll Connect 30 and 20 gauge copper to make perfect, durable cuffs
  • Bracelet Mandrel Shaping Techniques
  • Quick Tips: To Dramatically Increase Your Productivity
  • Eva's secrets to finishing to bring out extra dimensionality and texture of your metals
  • Perfect Patina, Polish, and Sealing For Long Lasting Durable Jewelry Pieces -- This is a MUST to get the true beauty of fold forming
  • Why Fold Forming is the MOST forgiving form of metal work, almost guaranteed to give you a great result every time
  • and much, much more...


There is an old saying in business "Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper." Think about it, what's easier, to take a look at these designs and go out and try this on your own, risking literally getting burned, hurt or just wasting hundreds of dollars worth of supplies...


Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of the ultimate "Pioneer" before you, who already made all the costly mistakes and has successfully taught 1,000's of students across the country to master this craft?


  • Being the only one in your group of jewelry making friends who knows this amazing new technique
  • Being able to sell these unique pieces of jewelry effortlessly because no one else can make them just like you
  • Having something that even your grandsons might be interested in, after all, making these does involve a blow torch
  • The simple satisfaction that comes from creating something that is truly yours, one-of-a-kind and unique
  • Having the chance to teach your techniques and even have your work published one day, after all, this is a brand new field and learning these basics and doing your first few projects with Eva is just the beginning, after you've mastered the basics you'll have the tools to go on and create countless innovations of your own

So How Much Does This Amazing
3 DVD Fold Forming Set Cost?

Let's add up the total value, one more time, and recap everything that's included:

  • First you'll receive the 3 DVD set including:
    • DVD 1 -- Introduction To Fold Forming: Line Folds and Applied Textures ($39.95 value)
    • DVD 2 -- “Chasing On Air” - Use this to make the wildest designs you’ve never seen... ($39.95 value)
    • DVD 3: "Eva’s Signature Technique” - The Sherman Fold" with 5 different variations ($39.95 Value)
    • Total Value:$119.85
  • A Full-Color Printed Booklet with written directions and pictures Guiding You Step By Step ($29.90 Value)
  • VIP access to the FunFastFoldForming Facebook Group (Exclusive Membership, we only invite or accept those who purchase)
  • A complete supply kit with all the materials you'll need to make all 3 projects in the DVD set... (Total Retail Value $19.95)
    • For DVD 1 You'll receive:
      • 30 gauge copper sheet 1.25 x 6
      • 20 gauge copper sheet 1.5 x 6
      • 4 copper rivets
      • 1 eyelet
      • 1 Swarovski stone
    • For DVD 2 You'll receive:
      • 30 gauge copper sheet 3 x 6
      • 20 gauge copper sheet 1.5 x 6
      • 4 copper rivets
      • 1 eyelets
      • 1 Swarovski stone
    • For DVD 3 You'll receive:
      • 30 gauge copper sheet 2 x 8
      • 20 gauge copper sheet 1.5. x 6
      • 4 copper rivets
      • 1 eyelet
      • 1 Swarovski stone

TOTAL VALUE: $169.70

But Wait There's More: I was able to get some very special bonuses just to make this an even more irresistible offer...

  • We'll be including along with the DVD's the original, definitive guide to fold forming, written by the father of fold forming himself, Charles Lewton-Brain, the hardcopy of this book sells for $35, the next 300 orders will receive the eBook version (epub format, iPad ready, or view it on any electronic device) of this amazing publication as a free bonus!

  • For the next 500 people to buy we're including a supply kit bonus! Order Now and receive 2 extra sets of supplies for DVD 1 so you can make all 3 variations shown on the DVD. With this added bonus you will have enough materials to make 5 Cuffs: Bonus Supplies...
    • 2 extra pieces - 30 gauge copper sheet 1.25 x 6
    • 2 extra piece - 20 gauge copper sheet 1.5 x 6
    • 8 extra copper rivets
    • 2 extra eyelets
    • 2 extra Swarovski stones
  • If you order in the next 24 hours I'm going to give you Online Streaming ACCESS in addition to the DVDs so you don't even have to wait to start watching! (an additional $30 value)

Let's Add Up That Total Value: $221.40

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